Battersea, Horse Bus c.1900

Memories of Battersea

Hi, This isn't a memory as such, more a question. I'm writing up a brief history of my early years and as part of my time was (with some friends) spent going to gymnastics classes at a school in Broomwood Rd. but for the life of me, I can't find out what the school was called back in the mid to late 50's. It is still there, (...Read full memory)

My name was cook and we lived in durham building. I remember schooling bakery in plough road next to St Peters church, across the road was len's secondhand shop where my mum used to buy some of our clothes, also there was a sweet shop owned by germans I think which used to make sweets on the premises, as sugar was (...Read full memory)

I remember Greys Dance School (opposite the Granada Cinema) I was about 6 or 7 I think when I started there in their ballet classes. I know that I had a tough time trying to get the foot positions right but couldn't quite get the hang of it. My mother thought that I wasn't cut-out for it, so that was that. I lived in (...Read full memory)

Igrew up in Battersea in plough road above a barbers shop next to gogays off licence near the railway bridge the Granada was top of the hill near my first school this was at the start of ww2 I left there in 1962 moved to Surbiton in surrey happy memories of plough road my mates lived in maysoule road and triton street

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