Battersea, Horse Bus c.1900

Memories of Battersea

I was born in 1930 in Chelsea but moved to Haines Street, Battersea (demolished to make way for New Covent Garden in the 1960's) in 1933. Moved to No.3 Sleaford Street Battersea in 1935 and went to Sleaford Street School until 1939 (Mr Hilton and Mr Baker, two teachers). First swimming lesson with school and nearly drowning in (...Read full memory)

I was born in Dagnall Street but my nan and grandad owned the house and, as most of the children got married, [there were 9 of them] most were allocated a room of their own. I was born there, the number evades me at present, and have photos of me in my pram outside the house. Nan's name was (...Read full memory)

We lived in 'The Queen Victoria' pub on the corner of Falcon Road and Ingrave Street. I attended Falcon Brook School. Very near to the school was a little sweet shop where you could buy penny sweets, penny halfpenny lollies, teddy bear lollies for 3d and 6d could buy a jubbly or jungle juice that were huge!  Gartons Glucose (...Read full memory)

Does anyone recall a butcher's shop in Bridge Road and the name Woodman in the Lavender Hill area? Cheers.

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