Battersea, Horse Bus c.1900

Memories of Battersea

Hello, My family originated from east London (mainly Dagenham), but our branch 'emigrated to Battersea in 1964. Our first address was 22 Morella Road, right opposite Wandsworth common. I went to Honeywell junior school, in Honeywell Road. The teachers I remember from there were Mr. Gordon Bennett (truly !) (...Read full memory)

Hi, I was born in 1946 at the South London Hospital for Women and lived for a while at 15 Etruria St. Battersea, near Dogs Home Bridge and Battersea Power Station, where my dad Charlie Jones worked. Soon we moved to 29 Anhalt Rd. near Albert Bridge. While living in Anhalt Rd. and at the tender age of four or (...Read full memory)

We used to live on East Hill estate, the bottom end number 69 Peter Head House. My mum Bobby, my 2 brothers, graham and Steven, me (Lorraine), and my sister Michelle - we had great fun there playing in the playground at the back of our block. We used to go to the sweet shop on the corner to get our black jacks and fruit (...Read full memory)

I was born in Dagnall Street but my nan and grandad owned the house and, as most of the children got married, [there were 9 of them] most were allocated a room of their own. I was born there, the number evades me at present, and have photos of me in my pram outside the house. Nan's name was (...Read full memory)

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