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When Lord Ashley married Harriet Chichester, the only surviving child and heiress of the 3rd Marquess of Donegall, his father may have made it plain that if he was to become an Irish landlord he would expect him to be a good one and no absentee. His father was the 7th Earl Shaftesbury, the famed philanthropist, who fought for several Acts to protect industrial workers. The most famous was that which stopped very small children working down the coal mines - the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus in London marks a nation's gratitude. Ashley's father-in-law built this castle shortly before selling Ormeau House to Belfast Council. On his death, the Ashleys started to make visits and became involved in local affairs. Charities were supported, and a garden party was held for local notables. Their son inherited the title of the 9th Earl Shaftesbury and the estate. He married Lady Constance Grosvenor, a member of the Duke of Westminster's all-powerful family. Despite the grandeur Constance had known as Grosvenor, she was delighted with Belfast Castle. Perhaps she have never known a parkland which soared up over 1000 feet to enclose the massive Cave Hill. From the mansion there are splendid views across the Lough, and in Constance's time many of the ships going to and from the Belfast Harbour were under sail. All day, too, the trains could be seen puffing their way to Londonderry and Larne - the Victorians loved their railways. The pair lived a lot of their time here, and became immersed in the life of Belfast. He became an Alderman, and then Lord Mayor. He was Lord Lieutenant of County Antrim, and became the first Vice Chancellor of Queens University. Their regular visits were ended by the First World War. In 1934 the castle and park were given to Belfast.

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Does anyone remember or know someone that might remember the McKinnell family who lived on Bourton Street in the mid 1950's. The property they lived at may have been a Blacksmith's I think. I am producing an extended family tree and would like to put a little history to the families I research. The McKinnell family consisted of James & Sarah McKinnell (nee Bamford) and their children. ...see more

i lived at the top of sandy row in the 1950s and used to go up to the institute to roller skate from there as the building was on a slight incline. This was a beautiful old building I can't remember when it was demolished and replaced by the queens one but today it probably would be a listed building. A pity so many of these have gone. There also was a wall at the front of it but it is not shown in the picture.

My cousin and I lived at the top of the Oldpark Road, near Ballysillan, in the mid-1950's and every Saturday morning during our tenth and eleventh years, we would catch the bus into town, walk around the City Hall and down to swim at the Ormeau Baths. After we had our permitted 30 minutes, we would walk back to a cafe in Donegal Square and have tea and hot buttered pancakes. We lived in the Sunninghill ...see more

back in the years 1947 /1950 ,my grand mother and I would spend a day at Hazelwood ,if I recall correctly by the steps they had a little carnival ,then we would make our way to the Floral hall ,which in those days had a silver tea room ,whiter than white table cloths ,the waitress,s dressed in black with white pinny,aprons and white tiara,s ,3 tiered cake stands stood on the tables and tea was poured was ...see more

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