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Caption for Belfast, Zoo And Amusement Gardens, Bellevue 1936: When Belfast took over the tramway system to Glengormley, it found itself possessed of property outside the City boundary, along with some very attractive terrain sloping up to the mountains. The forceful manager of the tramways persuaded his committee to find the money to create paths to form a leisure park. Some years later, a report told of a very profitable tram route, with people 'flocking' to enjoy the park. When the adjoining Hazelwood Estate became available, this same committee took it over and worked hard to bring about what we see here. The house itself was now a café/restaurant.

An extract from Belfast Photographic Memories.

Memories of Belfast

Does anyone remember or know someone that might remember the McKinnell family who lived on Bourton Street in the mid 1950's. The property they lived at may have been a Blacksmith's I think. I am producing an extended family tree and would like to put a little history to the families I research. (...Read full memory)

i lived at the top of sandy row in the 1950s and used to go up to the institute to roller skate from there as the building was on a slight incline. This was a beautiful old building I can't remember when it was demolished and replaced by the queens one but today it probably would be a listed building. A pity so many of these have (...Read full memory)

My cousin and I lived at the top of the Oldpark Road, near Ballysillan, in the mid-1950's and every Saturday morning during our tenth and eleventh years, we would catch the bus into town, walk around the City Hall and down to swim at the Ormeau Baths. After we had our permitted 30 minutes, we would walk back to a cafe (...Read full memory)

I was lucky in that I lived in an area that was not often touched by the violence that was going on in Northern Ireland at the time, but a telephone conversation with my mum in recent days brought back memories of life in Belfast when 'the troubles' were in full swing. She had just heard the news of the recent (...Read full memory)

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