Old Maps of Belvedere

Historic Maps of Belvedere and the local area.

This relates really to the mid 1950s and early 1960s. We lived in Upper Belvedere in the prefabs. I went to Bedenwell Nursery School and then we moved to Lower Belvedere opposite the railway station and I too had a great view of the football ground from my bedroom window. I went to St. Augustine's Primary School (...Read full memory)

In 1959 I was 10 years old and the village was my big adventure trip out when I went to the shops for my mum.  Upper Belvedere was always known as The Village when I lived there, is it still I wonder?  I even went to school there too, Lesness Heath primary, so I have many fond memories. Firstly the shops.  Derrett and Dorman (...Read full memory)