Memories of Bisley

Bisley School pupil Barry Evans around 1954-59. Was later a very well known TV Star in the 60's in such programmes as Dr in the House & Dr at large series as the character Dr Michael Upton, before being in 'Mind your Language' as a teacher. These were very popular television shows. Sadly he died at only 53yrs of age in 1997.

My grandfather died in 1928 after having been gassed in WW1. I have a postcard from him to my uncle dated March 1928. The house looks somewhat different from the photo here but I have no idea when the photo printed was taken.

I was a pupil from 1937 until 1941 when I left to go out into the wide wide world and I always said that we went in to the Bisley Schools as boys and very soon became men as many of us went into the services and made a mark for us the rest of our lives Where are they all now? The schooling was second to none as I (...Read full memory)

I went to Bisley boys school from 1947/1953 I was in the school band played cricket and was in the boxing team Harry Moult was the trainer,we boxed against other schools,such as the Gordon boys and Wellington college.i also played in the school band on the trumpet our greatest day was when we played at the Royal Tournament (...Read full memory)

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