Blackpool, The Promenade 1947
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The coming of the railway during the middle of the 19th century was the catalyst that sparked Blackpool's development as a holiday resort, and factory and mill workers flocked from the northern industrial towns. Such were their numbers that the tradition of 'wakes weeks' was established, ensuring that the town could accommodate the thousands of visitors that arrived each summer.

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Grinding wheels turned by wind – evocative photographs of windmills in bygone times from The Francis Frith Collection.

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Does anybody remember if there was a cafe in Blackpool from the mid to late 1950's that was called The Wheelhouse (or similar name) or a cafe that was owned by a family by the name of Wheelhouse?
I am interested to hear from anyone who lived in Seafield Road between 1956 and 1958.
I am looking for anyone who remembers Sarah(Sally) McKinnel from 1956. Sarah(Sally) was aged about 19 in 1956. In 1957/58 Sarah (Sally) was living at 29 Seafield Road, Blackpool with a Mr & Mrs John and Rose Wheelhouse and was a hotel receptionist. (I do know, that sadly, Sarah (Sally) passed away a number of years ago). She was the daughter of James and Sarah McKinnell and ...see more
Born in Victoria Hospital. Grew up on Knitting Row Lane, Out Rawcliff. Worked at Fox's Biscuits and Big Jim's Black Horse Boddington pub in Kirkham. Worked in the engineering shop at the Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Had to deal with 'mods' and 'rockers'. Got chased down the promenade by a bunch of girls who thought I was Cliff Richard. My Dad was the child care counseler for Lancashir County. Mum and ...see more