Old Maps of Blaengwynfi

Historic Maps of Blaengwynfi and the local area.

Hi my name is valerie jones I was born 25 Beatrice street 1949 Looking for any group photos of the kids that went to the infants school. I had three brothers Denzil, Alan, and Clayton born 1959. Two Sisters Audrey and Pauline Father was Elvet mother Claudia grandparents Eli and Sarah Speck. Friends Loretta Newman Mairwen Rumph neighbour Melvin Walters Regards Valerie Jones

In the summer of 1966, I (an American) was driving around the UK with a close English friend. In Wales, we found ourselves on a virtually impassable fog-covered road filled with sheep, and drove downhill at 1 mile per hour into the town of Blaengwynfi. Someone directed us to the vicarage, where we were put up by (...Read full memory)