Old Maps of Brightlingsea

Historic Maps of Brightlingsea and the local area.

During the late 40's and 50's we all traveled to Jaywick Sands for our summer and bank holidays and on the weekends made regular excursions to the nearby seaside resorts of Frinton and Walton-on-the Nase but my favorite was Brightlingsea, the main reason being that we went to collect winkles for a Sunday (...Read full memory)

I  was  brought  up  at  110  High  Street  then  at  the  top of  Backwaterside  Lane.  My  Grandparents  were William  and  Louisa  Barrenger.  My  Mum  Mabel  Barrenger (later  Mabel  Dutton)  was  born  at  9  Hurst  Green.  Many  of  my  family  were  all  born  there including  my (...Read full memory)