Old Maps of Buck's Mills

Historic Maps of Buck's Mills and the local area.

I have such wonderful memories of going to Bucks Mills and staying in Kings Cottage with my grandparents and family. I used to go over to see Mamie Braund who lived in the old house on the opposite side of the road from the cottage, I loved to play with her old dog Dinah, a beautiful old Spaniel. Mamie used to let me go (...Read full memory)

The earliest photo of me on Bucks Mills beach is in a pushchair from about 1951 -52! We were visiting for the day from my grandparents home in Bradworthy. In 1959 my grandparents, John and Gladys Dunn moved to Trundle Cottage (now Leat Cottage). For the next 9 years most of my Easter and summer holidays were spent (...Read full memory)