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Caption for Burnt Oak, Edgware Road C1955: Burnt Oak will never be at the cutting edge of the tourist industry, but as we look north towards Edgware, we can see that the buildings on the left of this view are of some interest. Designed in the 1930s with enough imagination to take them away from the general run of Neo-Georgian buildings in the area, they are decorated with lion masks and finished with a decorative cavetto cornice. We can also see a good selection of contemporary cars.

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I am 86 years old, I remember my first day at Goldbeaters school, I was 4 years old! I walked to school every day from Littlefield Road until we moved to Gervase Road. Many times it was so foggy you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. I loved school and enjoyed making many friends there, some of those (...Read full memory)

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