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Caption for Burnt Oak, Watling Avenue C1955: A cyclist gingerly crosses Edgware Road as Watling Avenue drops away eastwards towards Mill Hill. Apart from a sign of the times - the bank building on the left has given way to an amusement arcade - little has physically changed.

Memories of Burnt Oak

I was born in Dagenham 1950, but moved to Blundell Road, Burnt Oak in 1955. I attended Goldbeaters from 1955 to 1966 and can remember many of the people and teachers with whom I studied. Some of the teachers were really quite sadistic with their punishment regimes and I remember numerous incidents when punishment (...Read full memory)

Wonderful school the only part of my schooling where I learnt and enjoyed it and had such lovely teachers Mr williams what a guy so dedicated. Loved him. And my teachers Mrs protector and Mrs chiltern pc Hayes.... I loved Mrs chilterns hair it was like silk curtain and all the kids got lost I it....wonderful days think of the people often

It seems the older you get the more important and fun it is to delve into memories. My maiden name was Duer. Here is a list of memories that include the new school as well. Loved art class and really loved the new art room where we had a great view of cows Decorating our classroom for Christmas Trying to (...Read full memory)

I forgot an important memory... I was on the swim team and who could forget that the cold water in the pool was capable of giving you a heart attack.

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