Old Maps of Burton-in-Kendal

Historic Maps of Burton-in-Kendal and the local area.

More maps coming!

We are busy preparing more old maps of Burton-in-Kendal from other years.

Memories of Burton-in-Kendal

Read and share your memories of Burton-in-Kendal itself or of a particular photo of Burton-in-Kendal.

I lived in Burton, about 1958, with my parents, older sister Susan, and baby brother Anthony. We lived in Hornby House. Do you remember a man who used to stand at the Market Cross and preach to the locals? He used to shout so loud we could here it when we were in our house. Lizzie

My grandparents, William Delaney and Phoebe Heighton were married here. The Delaney family lived in Burton for several generations. I believe Phoebe worked for the Misses Wilson prior to her marriage. They moved to Australia a few years after their marriage.  I visited from Australia in 1980s and was delighted to find charming little church intact and loved.