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War Memorials

A selection of mostly vintage photographs depicting war memorials throughout the UK

Bury St Edmunds Town and City Memories

Bury St Edmunds Town and City Memories

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Caption for Bury St Edmunds, War Memorial 1922: This photograph was taken after Armistice Day 1922. The Queen Anne house, built in 1702 and presented to the National Trust in 1943, became known as Angel Corner in 1956. It housed the Bury and West Suffolk Record office from 1953 to 1973, and the John Gersham Parkington Memorial Clock Museum from 1953 to 1992. The house has since become the Mayor's Parlour. To the left is part of the garden wall of the house destroyed by fire in 1929.

An extract from Bury St Edmunds Town and City Memories.

Memories of Bury St Edmunds

That was a surprise to suddenly see a photo' of the Boarding House I spent my secondary school years in. I actually loved the place - not every day perhaps, but measured over time it was a very formative part of my life. Best years of my life? Dunno, I've been a lucky boy and have enjoyed life one heck of a lot and still do. (...Read full memory)

In the 50's there was two way traffic in Abbeygate Street with T.H.Nice's Garage half way down with petrol pumps which swung over the road.I bought my first car, a prewar Ford 8 from him for £100,- which was the new price in 1938 !

I married and moved to Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk in 1964. Lived for a while on Caravan site in Chedburgh, then moved to the caravan site in Eastgate Street. Worked for Childs Bakery, based at lower end of St. Adrews St. as a bread roundsman, driving a morris 1000 van. I then went to Betabake as a rounds man. (...Read full memory)

I attended the Silver Jubilee School in Grove Rd. from 1966, when I failed my 11 plus! to about 1971. I have mixed memories about the school, but the music department saved me, and many other aspiring musicians under the great guidance of Mr. Lawford Smith. At this time my elder brother Michael Constable worked (...Read full memory)

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