Camborne, Penponds Viaduct 1902

Memories of Camborne

I am trying to trace some details about the Richards family, in particular Edward Richards, in 1851 he lived at 70 Treswithian Downs and in 1861 he moved to 25 Treswithian Downs, he was a miner. He had a son, William Morley Richards, who is my grandfather, he lived at 25 Treswithian Downs, he was (...Read full memory)

My sister and I attended this school. I left in 1964/5 having failed my 11+, my younger sister staying till we moved to South London in 1967. When we were there Miss Blight was headteacher, Mrs Blight a teacher and Jennifer Blight was head girl. My friend Catherine Attlee also attended the school. (...Read full memory)

My parents lived at 23 Barripper Road (David and Mair Hallett) and my sister Mandy and I went to Miss Blights (Elmhurst Preparatory School) in Bassett Road. I remember walking past the farm at the top of the road (now Penware Parc) and being offered a kitten by the farmer. I remember horses ploughing the field (...Read full memory)

Does anyone remember if there were teachers called Mr Alder, Miss Crabtree, Miss Cooke and Miss MacLeod at the school circa 1941?

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