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Caption for Chandler's Ford, Bournemouth Road c1965: This view shows the same buildings as C490092 from the other end, showing clearly the Westminster Bank before its amalgamation with the National Provincial to become NatWest. Then comes the Co-op shop, later converted into a shop for a travel agent and a small food shop. The Co-operative Movement, once so strong in the railway town of Eastleigh, disappeared from the area not long after this photograph was taken. Note again that convenient car parking is permitted.

An extract from Around Eastleigh including Chandler's Ford, Bishopstoke and Botley Living Memories.

Memories of Chandler's Ford

Our family had already started plans to emigrate to Canada in 1956. I graduated from North End Secondary Modern after completing my O levels in June. I needed a job for a few months until we left in November. I heard that Dr Burge the chemist was looking for someone to fill in for a while. I applied for the job and (...Read full memory)

My sister and I and our older brother, who did not survive, were born at 175 Hursley Road in the 1940s. The house is still standing and is now owned by Draper's Tools. We drove by on a cold, damp late October day in 2008 and took some pictures. We were disappointed to see that our beloved garden, so carefully tended by (...Read full memory)

I remember the perimeter fence was of corrugated iron, my brothers and our pals used to climb through the gaps to steal the apples. Unfortunately the only trees to have eating apples were situated near to the main buildings. We used to swap sweaters and take it turns to run the gauntlet for them. No harm was (...Read full memory)

I was a patient at the Sanatorium, the first time was when I was between 10 and 11 years old. I would have been there about 9 months at that time. I remember the apple orchard and there was an apple storage room. The Doctor was very kind to us children and would take us to pick apples and then we placed them in (...Read full memory)

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