Dunstable, Composite c.1960

Memories of Dunstable

I have fond memories of Dunstable from when I was 9 years old, going to the market on a Friday with my mum and Aunt Nellie. The market was held to the right of the picture.

This was the year my son Kevin was born, we all used to go here usually on a Saturday.  Paul has just died , he was so special to all his family.  While he was in hospital he opened his eyes and said 'I have just been to Dunstable'. He used to work at Waterlows printing factory now long gone so (...Read full memory)

I remember Rumbelows shop on the same side as Waitrose. The Golden Egg restaurant ? Opposite that was a bakers (Geo-ort, I think?) and a photo shop (Dormans, I think?) and Martins newsagents.

I used to live in Sundown Ave, just around the corner from these shops. My friend Michelle lived to the right of the bus. My Mum used to work in the sweet shop at the end of the parade to the right. There was a supermarket on the far left with a chemist next door. I remember buying my Mum some rather stinky (...Read full memory)

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