Memories of Easebourne

Snow Hill House on the left was where Mother and I lived for several years, after moving from Maida Villas after the death of Father. We occupied the large top flat.

The Village Post Office was in the white building on the left, and is still there today 18th Jan 2007. On the right behind the wall is the Estate Office where my Father, Jack Owen, worked for many years as Chief accountant.

I went to live in Cowdray House, aged 4, in 1951. My father worked in the accounts office in Easebourne village, and I attended Easebourne Primary School (Headmaster was Mr Bevan) along with Barbara Fisher, who also lived in Cowdray House Staff Quarters. Later my father was given an estate (all yellow !) house (...Read full memory)

Mother and I lived at Behar, which is a ground floor flat in the building just beyond the Manor House, and on the left side. Eastbourne Street is immediately on the right and faces the Manor House.

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