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Norfolk Photographic Memories

Norfolk Photographic Memories

The photo 'East Runton, High Street 1921' appears in this book.

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East Runton offered visitors the same spectacular cliff scenery and ample beaches as its close neighbour, Cromer, but less of the noise and bustle. The Edwardian terraces in the foreground, with their bay windows and neat gardens and railings, harmonise with the simpler cottages beyond.

An extract from Norfolk Photographic Memories.

Other Memories from East Runton

I was lucky enough to be born and brought up in East Runton. I spent many happy summers playing on the beach. We lived in Buxton Close, the Brick Lane bit, and at the beginning and end of the summer, the caravans would be moved off the clifftops to the storage at the top of our lane. I remember that nearly every week in the summer, someone would hold a jumble sale in the village hall, and we would ...see more

Hi, I am still trying to find the whereabouts of Belinda Armsden, does anyone know any more about her family?

My parents owned a caravan on what is now Seaview Caravan Park and as a child I remember going down onto the beach with my brother. My parents and an uncle called Sparky and his wife all went down onto the beach and put up at least 5 windbreakers in a circle. We hired a beach hut and kept all the deckchairs, spades, buckets in it, we also had a primus stove so our parents could make ...see more

I was born in Leicester in 1958 and shortly afterwards my dad and nana bought a caravan that was sited at Mr Metcalfe's site on Brick Lane. Our caravan was called Niaroo and was sited next to an apple tree. We had to fetch water from a tap and empty the buckets daily. We had to walk across the site to use the toilets. I can remember tucking my nighty up inside my coat and donning my wellies ...see more

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