Memories of Ermington

In 1907 my Great-uncle, Arthur Jarrett, married Elizabeth Daniels in Ermington church. Elizabeth was the daugher of Frederick Daniels, who was then the landlord of the 'First and Last' Inn in Ermington. Arthur Jarrett was a groom for Lord Mildmay at Flete House. He also served in the cavalry, possibly the (...Read full memory)

My mother's maiden name was Jarrett, her father was Fred Jarrett who along with his brother Jim ran a small building company. I lived in Ermington from 1957-1974 and was related, or so it seemed, to almost everyone within a 5 mile radius. There was a Daniels, Peter, I think who ran the First and Last. It was (...Read full memory)

My family moved to no 2 Erme Park in 1967 when I was 3. These were of course the new houses. I remember Mr Burrows (father of Cedric/Zedrick) asking me in about 1973 if I was from the new houses. I of course said no as we'd been living there for 6 or so years. I think my family were pretty much one of the first Migrant (...Read full memory)

It's not just the church at Ermington which has a crooked spire.The village has a traditional village inn called 'The Crooked Spire'. It's not particularly pretty to look at from the outside as there is just a narrow pavement separating the front door from the many cars parked in the village square. However, this was (...Read full memory)

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