Old Maps of Fleetwood

Historic Maps of Fleetwood and the local area.

I was born in Fleetwood in1939 and lived in Adelaide Street; opposite the market at no 19. I remember Tommy Butler (daft Tommy) digging great holes on Ferry beach. I used to help Frank Brown (market superintendant) to set up the stalls on Tuesday and Fridays (market days). A couple of doors down was the Queens (...Read full memory)

I attended Stella Maris from 1955 to 1965, my peers at the time being Susan Burns, Sharon Crook, Susan Flaherty (best friend), Ann Caulfield, Rosaleen Steadman: Anne Lindley, Pat Langley, Catherine Mansell are other names I remember. Best memories? Fish and chips school lunch on Fridays, tennis on the courts at the park, english (...Read full memory)