Old Maps of Fleetwood

Historic Maps of Fleetwood and the local area.

I was born in Fleetwood in Flagg Street (which was called Flagg Alley ). My Father worked in a rock and easter egg factory with Harry Bentley and I used to taste the rock for them. My Father was called Walter Lawn. There used to be a pigery not far from there and I used to go round when going to school. My relative was (...Read full memory)

I too went to Fleetwood Grammar, about 1948-51. Dr Grieve was headmaster & Miss Lumsden headmistress. Latin master was Mr Terence Huss who ran a troop of Scouts. He must have been very keen to have taken the troop camping to Borrowdale in the Lakes. I still have a Panorama photograph of the students (...Read full memory)