Boat Accident A Statue In A Park In Glasgow

A Memory of Glasgow.

Hello Glaswegians, my father used to tell us tales as children. He told us about a boat he was on many years ago . The boat was in the ocean and tipped over and children were drowned. This was many years ago, but in a park in Glasgow somewhere a memorial was put up for these children - a statue of some king I believe. I am being vague as dad told us so many years ago. Is anyone or anyone that lives near this park and have seen this memorial??? or has anyone any knowledge of this accident??
Fred Wright.

With thanks to Fred Wright for this memory of Glasgow

Added 19 July 2012


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Hello Fred would this be the Monument in Victoria park in memory of the SS Daphne?
Hello Dragon fan, thank you for your reply, i have been curious since a child, my father used to tell tales of the gorbals after the war we would all lay in the same bed, brothers sisters, and he would tell us tales or ghost stories.... but the story of the boat has always been with me,,, I don,t know if he was in that boat? my surname is wright. I am on facebook, fred wright hypnotist.. I would love to hear more of what happened... I appreciate deeply the thought it took for you to write to me... thank you Francis Frith,, or email me as

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