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In its early years the main entrance to Charterhouse was along Peperharow Road, seen here from the water tower on Frith Hill. Development with houses for staff was rapid. Now there is not a single vacant plot.

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Arthur Bradshaw My great grandfather.

My grandad had a grocers shop in Farncombe high street, Renmants. My mum, brother and I lived with the grandparents and great grandma during the 2nd world war. I can remember a German plane being shot down in Broadwater playing fields and we all went to have a look. Also,a bomb dropped on a house near Godalming Grammar School, so we went to see the huge crater as my grandad was in the ARP. I went to ...see more

My great-grandfather Walter Alfred BEARMAN was the 'pub manager' in 1908. He was married to Helen Mary Bearman and had been resident in Godalming for some time, the earliest I am aware of was 1899 when my grandfather's sister was born. Walter was originally the blacksmith in Godalming. There is a picture in the Frith gallery of two children standing on the streetside under the blacksmith sign. The two ...see more

My Grandmother told us all in the family that when she was young, in about 1920, she had passed through Godalming and had stayed there overnight at the White Heart Inn opposite the 'Pepperpot', where that night in her room she had clearly seen a vision at the foot of her bed of a woman in very old fashioned clothing (Georgian?) who then smiled at her and turned away and went through the closed door. Of ...see more

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