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Caption for Godalming, High Street 1895: Here we have a splendidly detailed view of Godalming's High Street towards the end of the Victorian era. At number 69, Luxford's vegetable and fruiterer's shop boasts a colourful assortment of local produce, including bunches of grapes. Next door is the overhanging 16th-century frontage of the White Hart Inn, with its impressive arch leading into the stable yard. The hotel was closed and converted into shops in the early 1930s. The barber's shop with its prominent shaving sign dated back to the 18th century. On the opposite side of the street were Ballard's Stores standing next to the Angel Commercial Hotel, operated at this time by John Jasper Taylor. He advertised his facilities as being 'replete with every accommodation and comfort', and would even arrange for 'flys to meet trains if required'.

Memories of Godalming

I think it took place in 1818 opposite the church and what is now the Phillips Memorial, on the other side of the river . ( Llamas Lands?) The depression made in a horse shoe shape was where the crowd stood to watch the event! Each year, the Horseshoe, as we called it, flooded and froze and we all gathered to scate and (...Read full memory)

Arthur Bradshaw My great grandfather.

My grandad had a grocers shop in Farncombe high street, Renmants. My mum, brother and I lived with the grandparents and great grandma during the 2nd world war. I can remember a German plane being shot down in Broadwater playing fields and we all went to have a look. Also,a bomb dropped on a house near (...Read full memory)

My great-grandfather Walter Alfred BEARMAN was the 'pub manager' in 1908. He was married to Helen Mary Bearman and had been resident in Godalming for some time, the earliest I am aware of was 1899 when my grandfather's sister was born. Walter was originally the blacksmith in Godalming. There is a picture in the (...Read full memory)

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