Grangetown, The Rockeries c.1955

Memories of Grangetown

Hello everyone-- i am hoping someone out there can help me trace a very dear friend from Grangetown -- let me add my memory -- i live in South Wales but in the early 1960 i lived with my aunt in Eston but i became very friendly with a family from Grangetow who i would love to contact again-- their details are as (...Read full memory)

Hello. I did not live in Grangetown but loved the bus ride through it on the way to Redcar for a day out. Leaving South Bank on the right hand side of the road there was a row of houses with grassy front gardens and long paths leading up to the front door. As we lived in a row house with a pavement front and a back yard, I (...Read full memory)

I used to live in Eversham Road and to catch the trolley bus on the corner of Birchinton Avenue and Bolckow road was an every day event. I was just 10 years old when this picture was taken, the car probably belonged to Mr Linclater, the cycle shop owner. Next door to him was the chippy, Blackburns, if I (...Read full memory)

My grandparents Francis Cuthbert and Lillian (Reece) Conway lived at 109 Birchington Avenue. My mother Mariam Suzzanah lived there for many, many years with her family i.e. Frank, Cath, Winifred, mum, Lilian and baby Kevin. Before that they lived in Bessemer Street. My grandfather worked at the steel works and had served in (...Read full memory)

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