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Memories of Halesworth

Grandma Annie Dann was the telephonist at the beginning of WW2. She worked from her front room in Halesworth and had a large bell over her bed so that during the night she would run down to the exchange to connect the calls. Is there anyone who can remember her? John Greenacre

My great auntie and uncle (The Ransbys) lived at the Bungalow in the Thoroughfare,can anyone remember them ? I'd be interested to know. Thankyou Rod

I used to love coming to Halesworth such quaint village ..we got off from the train and wait inside little out cove of weighing scales for shelter from the rain. wait for nan to come and collect us. nan and granddad [ Ingate ] living on a farm up the top of the hill. we used to go help in the holiday time. old farm cottage (...Read full memory)

does any one remember farm at the top of the hill we had farm with cattle. my granddad and nan used to grow their vegatables and also keep bees. my nan used to take the honey to market .they were there for many years. the old farm has now gone although you can still see some outline of the place. the stables behind were then (...Read full memory)

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