Halifax, Aked & Hey Hatters 1896

Memories of Halifax

I used to live just off Commercial Road on Gibson Street in the 1950s. The houses were very basic with a living room, a bedroom, attic and cellar. We shared a toilet with another family which was at the end of the terrace. I went to Pellon Lane junior school, and I played on what we localy called the 'back (...Read full memory)

I lived in Keighley Drive, opposite Crossleys sportsfield until I got married and moved to Bradford with my husband. I have so many lovely memories of Illingworth and Ovenden. My brother went to St. Thomas More school and I attended Clare - Hall. When we grew up we used to go to the pub across the road called the (...Read full memory)

I only have great sunny memories of Halifax as a child. A lot of these photos in the 1960's show the sunshine... just how I remember it. My granddad worked on the buses and in the photos he may have been on one of those! His mate on the buses was called Arthur Crowther and me and my brothers used to call him "Half A (...Read full memory)

I was born on Gibb lane near Mount Tabor, there was a water pump outside the houses where my mother used to have to go outside for water at one time My uncle Norman Jones was the curator at Bankfield Museum for a year or two. He had 2 sons ,Stuart and Raymond and a daughter Barbara.

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