Halifax, Aked & Hey Hatters 1896

Memories of Halifax

I left Crossley & Porter school in 1963 and went to work as a trainee dispensing optician at Rayner & Keeler, 20 Fountain Street, Halifax. Next door was a bespoke tailors named Tillets. Our shop was very small and when Tillets retired in about 1968, Rayners moved into their premises which were much larger. Next (...Read full memory)

I saw Elsie Tanner open it in the sixties - cant remember the exact year, my grandma lived in the flats opposite and the Star pub was at the side.


I was born on Gibb lane near Mount Tabor, there was a water pump outside the houses where my mother used to have to go outside for water at one time My uncle Norman Jones was the curator at Bankfield Museum for a year or two. He had 2 sons ,Stuart and Raymond and a daughter Barbara.

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