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Y Gelli Bridge, built of concrete, is a very modern introduction into the Welsh landscape. Nearby Hay has become renowned over recent decades as a 'book town' where every other shop seems to sell second-hand books. This began in 1961 when Richard Booth opened his first second-hand bookshop. The town's annual Hay Festival is now internationally famous with the literati.

Other Memories from Hay-on-Wye

my father was a chef at the crown Hotel in CLARKE.

I have vivid memories of visiting Hay on Wye as a little girl with my mum and nanna . Our reason for our visits was my nana had relatives there - Alice Jolly, Letchmere Jolly, Riley & Oscar Jolly . They lived in a house called Red Wing which I think was in Lion Street and my one favourite memory was that the garden at the back of the house ran down to a stream . Somewhere I've got some photo's ...see more

Wartime Memories of Hay: Part Three. (Continued) Apart from Ration Books and the coupon implications for restricted purchase of food and clothing, my own recollections of life in Hay during World War Two hinge on evacuees along with hazy memories of particular events some of which have been outlined in previous two parts. At home there were at different times at least two sets of ...see more

Memories of Hay during the Second World War: Part Two. (Continued from Part One) Thoughts of 'Dad's Army' remind me that the local Home Guard occasionally used Forest Road for some kind of exercise. I've dim recollections of one or two coming into the garden of 'Wayside' with their rifles and taking up whatever position was thought advantageous. Soldiers marching through the town was not an ...see more

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