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This stone, which marked the grave of a Viking warrior, was his resting spot for over 1,000 years: it is from the 10th century. He had converted to Christianity; but though one side of the stone is carved with Christian symbols, the other side represents the pagan Viking heaven. In 1961 it was taken inside the church for protection against the weather and against too many visitors running their hands over the stone. Though there are other hogback stones, this is the finest and best preserved.

Other Memories from Heysham

I remember going to visit my grandfather, Henry Ewart Shackleton when he lived at Heysham Hall (as we called it) in a downstairs flat. This would have been in the early 1960's. My understanding is that he purchased Heysham Hall, possibly in about 1926 and was instrumental in setting up the Holiday camp. He was a civil engineer and was involved with later developing the land as a housing ...see more

My then fiancé and I went to Heysham Towers holiday camp in the 1950's with a couple of friends for a weeks holiday. Sadly I managed to lose my engagement ring whilst I was there. We have been married now for 57 years but I still miss my ring. If anyone reading this found it I would love to hear from them. He did however buy me a new one but it's not the same.

My paternal grandparents, Ernie and Sally Featherstone, lived at 11 Burnsall Avenue, Heysham with their son Jack (my dad) during the 40s and 50s. My maternal grandparents, Sid and Olive Wilson, and their daughters Mavis (my mum) and Norma lived at Cosy Nook Cottage, a few yards from Half Moon Bay in Old Heysham Village during the same period. My mum tells me that they didn't have a bathroom so when they wanted a ...see more

I remember arriving in Morecambe in 1967, with a mate of mine, to work the Summer at Pontin's in Middleton but, due to a clerical error, our job's were no longer open. So, on the way back to Morecambe, (on the bus), we spotted what we assumed to be an Old Folk's Home, ('cos of the number of 'old folk's' we saw), but we decided to apply anyway...and am I ever glad we did!. Turned out to be 'Pensioner's ...see more

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