Horley, Station Road 1922

Memories of Horley

Further north was the hamlet of Horley Row, with the Chequers Inn at its east end. This is now a busy road junction of the A23 and B2036 Balcombe road. The pond has long been filled in, and the pub is now the Chequers Thistle Hotel, much used by Gatwick airport business travellers. The buildings survive, but they were (...Read full memory)

Another time we had a 'new bug' . Her initiation dare was to go down the front stairwell. This was something pupils were NEVER allowed to do. We had to use the tiny, narrow, middle staircase. Anyway, the girls in my dorm dared her to go down and into the 6th form common room...well after lights-out. She was too (...Read full memory)

Horley is on the old main London to Brighton road before it was diverted around the area of new Gatwick airport. Single and two-horse traps wait by the roadside. Corn and coal merchants sell proprietary animal feeds. We can also see London House, a draper’s, Branch’s shop, a dairy and a game and poultry shop. A line of (...Read full memory)

We moved to Horley in 1952, when I was 10. (Dad worked for Mr Coutts repairing radio's & TV's.) Mum, Dad, & 2 brothers, Robin & Colin. A third brother Crispin Allan (after pub owner) was born there in 1953, after we found him in the long grass whilst searching for our football??? I have the movie to prove it!!! We (...Read full memory)

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