Hornchurch, High Street c.1950

Memories of Hornchurch, High Street c1950

My name is Eamonn J Miller. Born 06 05 1954 at 11 Plumpton Ave. Hornchurch, attended Hacton Primary School (unwillingly I must say) Mum & Dad moved to Yorkshire taking me with them unfortunately. they bought a Fish&Chip shop and after six months were worried about my weight, My happy memories include (...Read full memory)

I grew up in Hornchurch, born in 1945. As a child I got my first eye glasses right up the street from where this picture was taken. Odells I think it was called. My mother used to send me out to get bread right next to where the bus is located in this picture. Allies or Aylies Bakers I think.

I too was born and brought up in Hornchurch and remember the bakers - it was called Alies and the daughter was called Enid who went to our school. Just by the bakers was waste ground and I am sure I can remember seeing a christmas tree there, does anyone else remember this? Carol Board (Westbrook)

I attended Suttons Secondary School whilst living in Elm Park from 1946 to 1948, after that we moved to Scotland. I enjoyed Suttons and can remember several of the teachers. Mr Lovatt was the Principal, his secretary was Miss Swan (an attractive lady). Mr Ward, Vice Principal, taught us technical (...Read full memory)

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