Memories of Huntingdon

I used to spend Holidays at my Auntie Flo;s in Great Northern Street, Huntingdon in the 1950s early 1960s .Fond memories of going through back gate on to the common,standing in cow pats and collecting wild mushrooms. Remember there was a butchers in the High Street that made fantastic sausages and Dad would always buy loads and take some home to Sussex when we went home.

The man riding his cycle beside the car looked so familiar, and I firmly believe that it is Mr Timothy (Tim) Towler who was Art and Technical Drawing Master at Huntingdon Grammar School during the 1940s and very early `950s. Tim, as he was called by us irreverent pupils, lived in Godmanchester, and cycled from his (...Read full memory)

I grew up in Huntingdon, I remember the old town back then, Okendens, almost across from the George Hotel, and Wyles the shoe shop. It was a nice town. I remember the jumble sales held in all the churches were exciting events, and the old cinema, I miss the old town a lot, I have good memories. I remember (...Read full memory)

A truly old-fashioned type of ironmonger and household ware store seen here on the immediate right of the picture. My mother, Mrs. Ruby Chandler would have been working here in 1965, as she did for many years both before and after '65. If you couldn't get it at Osman's you couldn't get it anywhere else, either. The (...Read full memory)

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