Old Maps of Inverurie

Historic Maps of Inverurie and the local area.

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We are busy preparing more old maps of Inverurie from other years.

Memories of Inverurie

Read and share your memories of Inverurie itself or of a particular photo of Inverurie.

In that year a disabled woman was to give birth to a beautiful daughter; she was in every shape and form beautiful. Inch Gala was on where husband wife and baby were to go there simply to get out and about. There was a baby beautiful contest going on where an invite through loud speakers asked mothers to go and have their (...Read full memory)

James Urquhart, aged 20 years, Farm Servant, living at Wellbush Kemnay, married Mary Ann Jackson, aged 23 years, Domestic Servant, living at Little Hillbrae, Bourtie. The date was 28th April 1860, and the venue was High Street, Inverurie. The parents of the groom were James Urquhart, Crofter, and (...Read full memory)