Old Maps of Ivy Hatch

Historic Maps of Ivy Hatch and the local area.

Memories of Ivy Hatch

Read and share your memories of Ivy Hatch itself or of a particular photo of Ivy Hatch.

I remember visiting the house with my mother (Phyllis) and father (Thomas) before we moved in in 1948 when I was 6 years old. There was myself, my twin sisters, another sister who had just been born and my half brother Tom (Biff). In the first year there my brother Jonathan was (...Read full memory)

These are the memories of my mother May born Ivy Hatch 1921. The photo shows the gardens and rear elevation of Ivy Hatch Court. The house was owned by Colonel C.N.Watney and his wife Winifred from at least 1919 until approx 1945 when it was sold and converted into apartments/flats. There was a daughter Miss Patricia (...Read full memory)