Old Maps of Kingsbury

Historic Maps of Kingsbury and the local area.

My father Albert Allum was the School Caretaker from the day it opened in 1952 till he retired in 1982 Mother Alice also worked there as the School Nurse and Auxilary Assisant.My brother went there till he passed a Art exam and went to Harrow art college.I also went to Tylers from 63 till 67.We moved in the School (...Read full memory)

Hi Geoffrey Schwalbe! I've only just discovered this Site. I think we were in the same class at Glenwood School from 1954 to 1956. Teachers I recall were: Headmistress Doris Anderson, Mr Dyde, also Freeman, Marsh and Vallum. Boys in the class were Billy Course, Leon Appleberg, Tony Thorne, David Green, Brian Swain, (...Read full memory)