Old Maps of Kinver

Historic Maps of Kinver and the local area.

I was born in James Street, but I was brought up from 6 months old in one of the cottages in the picture. Sam Shuker was my grandmother's brother, we lived next door to him and her sister Alice and Millie. The other side of us lived my uncle George, his wife Ethel and their daughter Margaret who still lives in Chandler Avenue. I remember Jack Evans and his family very well.

My grandfather, Jospeh Thomas Biggs and later my father, Horace Leonard Biggs, from 1936 operated a building company and undertakers from Kinver High street in the 1930s. The company built many houses in Kinver, Wollaston, Stourbridge & Kidderminster. The houses were mainly detached and nearly all had (...Read full memory)