Old Maps of Kirkbymoorside

Historic Maps of Kirkbymoorside and the local area.

Memories of Kirkbymoorside

Read and share your memories of Kirkbymoorside itself or of a particular photo of Kirkbymoorside.

I do not have memories here, but my Great and Great Great Grandparents are from Yorkshire. I have a photo of my Gr Gr Grandmother, Mary Salton, wife of Fletcher Salton. The photo is of her tomb stone. On the back it says taken in Yorkshire in 1893. She was born in Quebec, Canada in 1824, died 1893. Fletcher (...Read full memory)

My father Clifford Egan passed away at 80 years old on the 27th July last year, 2010. He was brought up in Kirbymoorside and had wanted to return there for a visit for many years, but due to ill health he didn't make it back. I know from family records that his mother Florence Egan and father John Egan ran a shop in (...Read full memory)