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Memories of Leverington, the Rising Sun c1960

I remember my father taking me in the pub at Sunday dinner times, I think Mr and Mrs Parker kept it then? I have fond memories of Harry and Kath Cooper, Herbie Veni, Bill Rowlet, Arthur Gunns and Ben and Jack, George Murphet, Andy Cousins and lots of other great characters. Would I be right in thinking that a Mrs Ship kept it before the Parkers?.

I also remember on the way home from Leverington Primary School, sometimes watching Jack Henery in his blacksmith's shop. It was really good watching him shoeing horses, and making and repairing things, bikes, farm tools etc. Does anyone else remeber the blacksmith's shop? It would be nice to know your comments.

I had been in other camps in The Wisbech area, but always liked Leverington the best. I don't remember the two Ghana boys. At one stage we had a female to look after us, I do not remember her name. She used to make use of me as I had a scooter with me one year. Another time we had a guy again, I don't remember his (...Read full memory)

One Sunday, I and my friend Olga decided that we would try to hitch a ride to Hunstanton.When we got on to the highway, we could not believe the number of cars that drove past us. We were about to turn back when this old Ford Anglia pulled up and asked us if we would like a lift.They were going to Hunstanton - a vey (...Read full memory)

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