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Memories of Lingfield, the Old Prison and the Pond c1950

If you hadn't fallen in the pond, you were not from Lingfield! So says my dad. The building to the right of the cage in this photo was a shop. My memory of this shop only goes back to the mid 1970s. My grandparents' house was behind the shop (the hedge to the right on this photo is the edge of their property), and whilst on (...Read full memory)

Rod Swift remarked about falling in the pond - well I was one of these. Rod must be my cousin's son, as my aunt and uncle lived in the house referred to. Around 1953 on an icy cold day in winter, a crowd of us were going home after school. On passing the pond we knew there was thick ice so decided to skate on the ice. (...Read full memory)

Jean Chambers mentioned the bomb dropping on the school in 1943 - my parents shop (John Banks Outfitters) was almost opposite the school and I was born at the end of 1943 being given my second name of "Heather" after Heather Lumsden who was killed in the school and was a good friend of my parents. Jean also mentioned the bomb (...Read full memory)

I used to live at Raymead which was a complex of 24 prefabs, they have been replaced now by a new estate. I come back to Lingfield every year to see the village I grew up in. When I got married to a local lad in 1963 we moved to Tandridge, unfortunately it didn't last due to me but we used to walk to the village (...Read full memory)

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