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Caption for Liverpool, The Ferry Boats C1965: Three of the famous Liverpool ferry boats are leaving the landing stage. The leading two are Wallasey ferries, one probably heading for New Brighton and packed with day trippers for the once-popular resort. It was nothing for 4,000 plus to visit New Brighton on a warm summer day in the mid 1950s. When naming ships, Birkenhead Corporation stuck to local names from the Wirral: 'Thurstaston', 'Hinterton', 'Claughton', and 'Bidston' were all names in the fleet at the time. Wallasey Corporation favoured names of flowers: the snub-nosed 'Royal Iris' was among the 1955 fleet, and names from the past include 'Bluebell', 'Snowdrop', 'Pansy', 'Rose' and 'Thistle'. The last steam ferry sailed in 1963, and the New Brighton service finished in 1971. The Merseyside Passenger Transport Executive took over the running of the ferries in December 1969. The ferries are still very much part of the Liverpool scene, and are in good hands. Heritage cruises, ship canal cruises and themed nights help keep the ferries exciting, as well as just a way to get to work.

An extract from Liverpool and Merseyside Photographic Memories.

Memories of Liverpool, the Ferry Boats c1965

This is not a memory as such- but just information as to the source of my ancestors. A ferry owner who ran the service from Stackhill to Newland was Ezra Mann, he was born in circa 1858 in Yorkshire and owned a large sized cog-boat which ferried passengers, pigs,hens and bicycles, plus children to Dax Grammer School. Ezra (...Read full memory)

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