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Being on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, Loftus is surrounded by some lovely countryside and the woods on the outskirts of the town have long provided a place of peace and tranquillity for generations of residents of the town.

Other Memories from Loftus

I remember watching the window cleaner pushing his cart up the High Street doing the shop windows. If I remember correctly his name was Arthur Hill and he lived up East Crescent.

Loftus in Cleveland I remember Slater's Banks, Primroses Violets, Cowslips rolling our paste eggs at Easter, Skylarks singing and Saturday Market shopping at the Co-op its butchers, shoe shop drapery offices grocery and furniture shops, we had it all not so very long ago but alas Loftus is not as it was. Take a look at the Loftus Town Crier website, we had really bad flooding on the 6th of Sept ...see more

I was born at number 11, and was told I did not open my eyes, so Mrs Tyreman baptized me. She had changed from Methodist to Catholic when she married her husband who was a tailor. When the priest came the next morning and blessed me I opened my eyes. I was given a spoonful of brandy to keep me alive, and was told I was talking by the age of two. I had two bouts of Double Pneumonia before the age of six, but was an ...see more

When I was at school I did the history of Loftus. The market place was used for the market stalls, I think that it should be like that again. Bring back the meaning of Loftus market place - if anyone agrees let people know. Even if the shops that we have bring their products out to the stalls we might get more people coming and put Loftus back on the map and not just known as a trouble town.

Added 17 September 2006

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