Memories of Lower Heyford, Freehold Street c1960

In 1943 I worked on the Great Western Railway and sent by them to Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire as a locomotive fireman.  It was here that I met a young lady whose home was Lower Heyford, Oxfordshire.  She also worked in Leamington on the GWR as a Passenger Guard. This lady was later to become my wife.  After a short period of going out together she invited me to her home. Her home 112 Freehold Street, ...see more

Added 16 February 2007
I started school in the September after my 5th birthday. We had a school holiday in October in those days for potato picking and harvest. My mother had a few hens on Freehold Street in a piece of ground near the shed that was there at the time for the Pig Club. I ran along the road although mum told me not to; I fell down and cut my knees open. There was no cream to clean the skin then only water or Vaseline, ...see more

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