Margate, Donkeys On The Sands 1906

Memories of Margate

My grandmother was born in the churchyard - as was my mother and her siblings- well actually in a cottage which abutted the church wall - the family lived in the cottage for almost 100 years until it was condemned and pulled down in the 1920's - they built an air-raid shelter on the site during WWII and now (...Read full memory)

I have just spent the weekend with my father, his father was the keeper at the Dreamland Zoo in the summers of the late 1920s/early 1930s. My grandparent's (and my dad's) home was a living wagon. My grandad - Leonard Robinson - upset my grandmother by taking his infant son into the lion's cage, and sitting the baby on the (...Read full memory)

I also went to salmestone school in the late fifties, from 56 to1960 then to st Johns C of E, I remember the teachers, Mr Bird, Mrs dumpford, Mrs Ashby and the headmaster Mr Walker. Also a circus that came to town and saw a procession of animals along the seafront. Does anyone remember the character "holy Joe " who cut hair (...Read full memory)

As a child we used to visit Margate on a regular basis, before the war. We used to have a tray of tea from the Nayland Rock Cafe which had a special smell and distinctive china. I would love to obtain a photo.

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