Margate, Donkeys On The Sands 1906

Memories of Margate

As a child we used to visit Margate on a regular basis, before the war. We used to have a tray of tea from the Nayland Rock Cafe which had a special smell and distinctive china. I would love to obtain a photo.

I have just spent the weekend with my father, his father was the keeper at the Dreamland Zoo in the summers of the late 1920s/early 1930s. My grandparent's (and my dad's) home was a living wagon. My grandad - Leonard Robinson - upset my grandmother by taking his infant son into the lion's cage, and sitting the baby on the (...Read full memory)

The Margate cliffs were chalk. An extremely tall church named The Holy Trinity Church sat in the middle of Trinity Square about 800m from the sea. During the war, the roof had collapsed leaving the outer walls, tower and spire still standing. Over the years, the roof rubble had been removed from inside leaving the (...Read full memory)

I was very fortunate to be able to spend three wonderful holidays in Margate 1960-1962. My friend's family took me along on their family holidays staying at the Salvation Army boarding house in Cliftonville, on the sea front, it was wonderful. We travelled down from Liverpool in their large family car, it was (...Read full memory)

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