Netheravon, S.W.W. Camp c.1965

Memories of Netheravon, S.W.W. Camp c1965

I'm wondering if anyone can provide me with the exact address of the Small Arms Corps (I believe this is the Camp featured), that existed during the Second World War? My father was a weapons instructor stationed in Netheravon between 1941 and 1945, and I'd like to take him on a trip down memory lane (...Read full memory)

As a little girl I remember visiting Auntie Alice and Uncle Bill Rowe. They lived in Vine Cottage just down from the SSW Army Camp. Dad was stationed there after the Second World War, that's where he met my mother Margaret Ada Rowe. We didn't vist much as dad came from Whickham, Co Durham. It must have been around (...Read full memory)

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