Newlyn, Fishermen 1906
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A flotilla of assorted sailing vessels speed on the ebb tide towards the light house marking the harbour entrance, whilst a lone sculler (to the lower left) makes ponderous progress as he battles with adverse currents. Although the harbour is accessible in all states of the tide, south-easterly winds cause a heavy swell to enter the harbour, necessitating caution when navigating the entrance.

An extract from Picturesque Harbours Photographic Memories.

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Picturesque Harbours Photographic Memories

Picturesque Harbours Photographic Memories

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For many years now, we've been inviting visitors to our website to add their own memories to share their experiences of life as it was, prompted by the photographs in our archive. Here are some from Newlyn

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This is not so much a memory, but the man in the photo is my great, great, great grandfather, and his boat behind. I think the lady is Fanny Matthews who I believe is also a relative - but not sure how.
Think title this photo should be spelt 'Trewarveneth St' .My family come from Newlyn (Grandmother Mary Jenkin , born 1902,lived in Orchard place,Newlyn ) I have come across some connection with this street and I am trying to find out more. Thank you - spelling now corrected - Editor
This photograph shows "The Old Quay" which was a medieval construction inside the outer arms of the Newlyn Harbour. Behind the Old Quay is the South Pier and the extreme end of the North Pier shows to the left of the picture (the other side of the harbour mouth). Outside the harbour you can see the "stoneboats" awaiting a full tide to enter the harbour and load stone for roadbuilding from Penlee Quarry just ...see more
This photo is taken from the Old Quay, the medieval original Newlyn pier. My family lived in a shop (general stores) overlooking on The Cliff facing, near the Fisherman`s Rest and the Red Lion pub and bus-stop. Idyllic days were spent as kids pottering around the small harbour - catching small crabs which lived in the granite stonework of the quay using limpet bait and a length of string only, also many of us learnt to ...see more