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Scotland Photographic Memories

Scotland Photographic Memories

The photo 'Oban, George Street 1901' appears in this book.

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Fishing and agriculture played an important part in the economy of the area, but it was the opening up of the Western Highlands to tourism that gave the town the boost it so desperately needed. On the right is the Caledonian Hotel, one of a number of hotels in the town. The Great Western and the Alexandria were the most expensive, and the Marine was well spoken of. There were three temperance hotels, one of which can be seen next to the King's Arms.

An extract from Scotland Photographic Memories.

Other Memories from Oban

Hi to children of Dunstaffnage, do you remember the funeral of the Captain of Dunstaffnage and the procession of the horse drawn carriage to the chapel at the castle where he was buried. I have many fond memories as a young boy to share with you as I grew up and the friends I had. Andrew longridge alongridge@xplornet.com. phone 519-403-6724 or 519 485 2816

I am andrew longridge and I attended Oban High school from, 1989 to 1963, after graduating I started a job as lab technician at Alginate Indistries In 1965 I emegrated to Canada and have been here ever since. As a boy growing up in boomtown I had many friends many I could name and if some of this posting reaches them I would love to chat.

I went to the high school in 1958, and sooner than spend my shilling on school dinners, I would go to Joe Boni's and get a couple of woodbine and the best ice cream I ever tasted. Anyone remember Joe Boni's cafe?

Boomtown .On the bus back from OBan high school we all sang at the top of our voices We are some of the Boomtown boys we are some of the boys. .or girls...Then off the bus at Dunstaffnage Home for a peice..jam sandwich and out climbing hills trees or swimming in the burn it was. Picking hazelnuts or what ever berries were in season .Halcyon days indeed..

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