Old Maps of Oving

Historic Maps of Oving and the local area.

My family lived at Stone View, Oving and my dad went to Oving School and was born in the bowling alley in Oving. I remember the afore mentioned names and the Butcher's Arm's public house which caught fire in the 60's. My father's name was John Webb, my brothers went to Oving School (Stephen, Clifford, and Martin Webb). I remember (...Read full memory)

 My family lived in Manor Cottage, the house on the left, when I was born in 1959. It was such a friendly village. I knew everyone who lived in the lower half of the village. I was able to walk safely down the road to the village school until it closed in 1968. We then had to travel by bus to North Marston school. There were (...Read full memory)