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Caption for Penmark, The Bridge 1937: The old hump-backed bridge carried the main road from Cardiff to Swansea over the River Thaw, which at this point is merely a stream meandering to the sea at Cardiff Bay. The neglected look of the bridge is in stark contrast to the stuccoed house, which has either been entirely renovated or perhaps newly built.

An extract from Cardiff Photographic Memories.

Memories of Penmark, the Bridge 1937

Have done Penmark research as my Grt Grandmother was from Penmark to - Missouri coal mines back to Sefton (pump still there, south and east of 6 Bells). It seems that there is a mix-up between Kenson Cottage and Rose & Crown Pub; R & C (I think) is the premise on south side of Kenson Bridge on (...Read full memory)

Gidday to all! Having recently travelled  to Penmark to rediscover my family history, I am sure that this is a photo of 'Kenson Cottage',which used to be the 'Rose and Crown' pub .My family(Gabriel) used to own the pub and smithy until 1858,when it was bought by Thomas Hopkin.I have my family back to 1782 in Kenson,with 3 grave (...Read full memory)

I know this as Kenson Cottage as my mother lived there and went to school in Penmark. I have a photo which was taken when we all went on holiday of us all on the bridge. I still have family living in the area and enjoy going back to visit. My grandfather worked in Aberthaw cement works which is why the moved there (...Read full memory)

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