Pinner, High Street c.1965

Memories of Pinner

Before I moved to The Ridgeway in 1955 I live in Woodall Drive and regularly used the 221 bus to trundle up Paines Lane past my school, and ending up in the space outside the RedLion pub. I remember how the bus rocked each time the driver climbed in and out of his cab! Both the driver and conductor used to (...Read full memory)

I used live halfway between Eastcote and Pinner and used to pop over to see school friends in Pinner. One of the boys lived in the old High Street and his dad was a tailor. Age catches up with me and I think his name was Stuart (Stewart) Clegg. Anybody remember the tailors shop, it was there back in the early to mid 1960s till I moved oop north.

I lived around the corner from The Victory Pub in the High St. Arthur was the Landlord. I worked (temporarily) for a car hire firm up the road known as Modern Travel. I was madly in love with the daughter of the Bell Pub at Pinner Green, where I worked part time as a barman. We were lovers for a year (me for an (...Read full memory)

All buses going to Pinner in the 1950's had the destination "Pinner Red Lion" as there was an old pub of that name on the corner of Love Lane and Bridge Street. The bus in this photo has continued its journey having passed The Red Lion and is lumbering up Bridge Street towards The Langham Cinema at the top of (...Read full memory)

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