Rothley, Fowke Street c.1965

Memories of Rothley

I too was brought up in Rothley. I lived at 72, Woodgate. At the time it was the local telephone exchange, operated manually, my mother being the night operator. I remember George Hunt well, along with the Elkingtons, I used to get my sweets and collect Archie Andrews lollypop sticks! There was Mr Brewin who sold bicycles and all (...Read full memory)

Rothley is and always will be my home no matter where in the world i live, It is 36 Years since i resided on Woodgate my father is George Hunt, he owned the Barbers shop at no 19 untill his retirement almost 25 years ago. When i lived on Woodgate we had Betty Smith the chemist on one side of us and Dick Elkington and (...Read full memory)

It is now 41 years since I resided in Rothley, and there is not one day that passes that I don't think about it. Recently I found photographs on an 'Old Rothley' website, as I was browsing I found a photograph of my parents standing outside of their shop, on Woodgate. Another photograph was of my father in his shop, and (...Read full memory)

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