Old Maps of Royston

Historic Maps of Royston and the local area.

A memory that I shouldn't recollect. I could have only been about 4 years old and I can remember staying at Heath Lodge with my family. It was I think used as a halfway house for families waiting for housing in the 1960s. I'm now 50 and I can still remember my mother taking me to the nursery underneath the (...Read full memory)

I was born at the hospital lodge in 1944. Dad was a porter at the hospital and befriended a German pow (Tao?) He is/was my Godfather. Later we moved to a place called Rowntree House and my dad worked for a horse trainer, Billy Stephenson. My parents moved to Australia when I was 11. Dad's name was Tom, my mum, Phyliss. Both now (...Read full memory)